2023.29 Breaking Down AI Innovations, Energy Trends, and Healthcare Insights

2023.29 Breaking Down AI Innovations, Energy Trends, and Healthcare Insights

Plus, a detailed breakdown of the cashflow impact to $MSFT's new $30 / month AI Copilot for Office 365

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Podcast Chapters

[00:00:53] Energy News (memo exhibit B & C)

[00:05:25] Healthcare News - UNH 0.00%↑ Earnings (memo exhibit A & Page 19) + comp to CVS 0.00%↑

[00:07:56] AI News →

Supplemental Data

0. The Memo

7 17 23 20 Ppgs
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1. SuperCompounders

This is a list of all the companies covered in the memo. We calculate Total Return for each company assuming you had bought the stock at the average price during the first year of the IPO and reinvested the dividends. This is not a ranked list of our favorite investments, rather it is meant to provide additional insightful information on the companies we discuss each week (note: ‘Page’ references the page of the memo on which you can find the company). Naturally, it is harder to compound capital at a high rate (see IRR) over longer periods of time, so it is not surprising to see companies like MRNA 0.00%↑ near the top of the list with only ~4 years as a public company.

2. Macro

3. Energy

4. Tech

  • Cloud Multiples - Check out the most recent edition of Clouded Judgement for the latest SaaS multiples.

  • Semiconductors

    • Semiconductor Industry Association Global Billings Report

    • Bureau of Economic Analysis Semiconductor Import / Export

  • Cryptocurrency

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